Franchising = Sweet Success!

Flagship Store

The world’s first Tella Balls Dessert Bar was opened in 2016 at 370 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill, Sydney, NSW, Australia. This was a location that was strategically chosen for greatest impact into an already saturated hospitality industry. Dulwich Hill is a real melting pot of cultures and the food outlets in and around the area offer a vast offering of global flavours, making it the perfect location for a flagship store. Located approximately 9km from Sydney’s CBD, it is accessible to everyone. 

New Locations

We strategically position our new stores in places that are cosmopolitan, easily accessible, are recognised for their family culture and have global appeal. High traffic areas where there is hustle and bustle and are family friendly.


TBDB’s commitment to advertising, marketing and promotional activity is the driver behind much of its success story. With global recognition and appeal, the brand has gone from an unknown entity to a household name within the short span of less than a year. Now it is deemed as more than just a presence, but a leader within the desserts world, making it the envy of its competitors and the preferred place for its patrons.


Our mission is to create a dessert network who we refer to as our “Sweeties” and offer them the best dessert experience on earth.

Our brand

A happy, bright, modern and sleek brand, that resonates with our Sweeties so much so that they don’t just care for the usual desserts, donuts and milkshakes, but for our world famous brioche donut style Tella Balls and Tella Balls Shakes instead. They spread the love like they’d spread Nutella on their toast in the morning and they “Tella” everyone about their experiences at our dessert bars.  

Training & Support

Our franchisees aren’t just business partners, they’re an extension of our sweet family. We offer ongoing training and support and are accessible, just like good family should be.

Let us know a few details about yourself and we will contact you about our Franchise plans.